T-REX, Cusworth Music Festival, Doncaster, England 2013















4 svar to “T-REX, Cusworth Music Festival, Doncaster, England 2013”

  1. Great day out and now with some really amazing photos to prove it and remind us….
    Thank you dear friend! x x

  2. Hi there! I played sax on that gig – have you any photos with me and the band? thanks! Sarah

    • Hi Sarah! I know I have a couple of good pics of you and maybe some with one or two guys from the band. I have just moved to a new house so with all my stuffs still in boxes and a lot to do it will may take some time before I can check. Write me a mail at storalb@hotmail.com and I will get back to you asap. //Anna-Lena


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